Professor's Introductions

Professor Helix T. Blackwood, a scientist known region-wide for his master brilliance and life-changing discoveries that have revolutionized Pokemon. Helix is very dedicated to the teaching and studies on Pokemon. Though he is very well educated in all aspects of Pokemon life, his specialty is how outerspacial occurences affect Pokemon, such as the rotations of the sun causing season change, how Grass-type Pokemon react to the sun, how the moon affects the tide, and even alien Pokemon relocating to the Ordin Region. He is the founder, owner, and leading scientist of Helix Studies Inc., the world of Pokemon's largest intelligence industry. Even with his headquarters being based in Univere City, Blackwood has always prefered the calm, quiet environment life of Starsprout Town, claiming it helps him concentrate with his work. He has created multiple vaccines for people and Pokemon alike. However, perhaps one of the Professor's most important discoveries he regrets most of all. Upon discovering the secret to awakening the legendary Sun and Moon pokemon, he shared valuable information with his assistant, Zero. Unfortunately, during a debate over whether to awaken the legendary pokemon or not (Blackwood stating it was too dangerous, Zero arguing that the power was worth the cost) Zero left Helix Studies Inc. to go off on his own. Fortunately, the only information the Professor had told Zero was that a drastic environmental change would cause the awakening. Zero broke off to create Team X, unfortunately giving the professor guilt for having to do with the creation of the team in the first place.

Blackwood is the father of Cobalt and Kelly Blackwood. Cobalt is the Eighth Gym Leader, with a steel-type specialty, and Kelly is a new trainer and rival to the main player.